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About 30% of women and 10% of men suffer from incontinence. With the pelvic floor rehabilitation services at Health Solutions in Wellington, Florida, you can resolve incontinence issues under the guidance of caring, educated practitioners. Call today to start an individualized treatment program and regain control of your health and your life.

Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation Q & A

What causes pelvic floor problems and incontinence?

Numerous health issues or conditions can cause pelvic floor problems, including bladder and bowel incontinence.

For women, incontinence can develop due to a structural problem in the pelvic region. This can happen for reasons like:

  • Changes in the body after giving birth
  • Decrease in bladder muscle control with age
  • Deterioration of bladder and urethra tissue after menopause
  • Removal of the uterus after a hysterectomy

In men, incontinence often develops due to an enlarged prostate gland or prostate cancer. Genetics might also play a role in the development of incontinence and pelvic floor problems. Other causes include urinary tract infections, underlying health conditions that cause nerve damage, or constipation.


What are pelvic floor rehabilitation services?

The pelvic floor rehabilitation services offered at Health Solutions enable patients to regain control of the bladder and pelvic floor muscles. When the pelvic floor muscles maintain pressure against the urethra, this prevents leakage and keeps the bladder, rectum, and uterus in the correct positions.

Based on principles of physical therapy, pelvic floor rehabilitation services help to recondition the muscles and build strength in this area of the body. While this doesn’t happen overnight, it is possible to regain control of these bodily functions.

At Health Solutions, your individualized treatment plan may include:

  • A pelvic floor screening
  • Incontinence testing for both the bladder and bowel
  • Pelvic floor muscle testing
  • Incontinence services, training, and support

Since medical supplies that treat incontinence are expensive, Health Solutions also offers competitively priced supplies to help patients.

What are the benefits of pelvic floor rehabilitation services?

As a fully compliant facility with professional staffing, Health Solutions can help you safely and easily regain control over your pelvic region with a comprehensive, individualized treatment program.

Lifestyle changes like maintaining a healthy weight and practicing pelvic floor exercises can further enhance your results, as well as avoiding foods that might irritate your bladder.

Since pelvic floor problems can get worse with age, treating them today helps you avoid future complications or worsening incontinence issues. If you think you might be a candidate for pelvic floor rehabilitation, call Health Solutions today to schedule an appointment.